Why Listening to other people’s advice will CRIPPLE you

I released a video on Facebook yesterday that went over my thoughts on other external pressures we face. I was trying to articulate the fact that too many of us allow other peoples ideas of how our lives should be get under our skin and into our minds.

This can be problematic. If there is one thing i have learned through my own progress and self examination it is this. Every single on of my BIG decisions in life, decisions that brought me happiness and self gratification were made as a result of following my own gut instinct or my heart, Not other peoples ideas.

Let us not get this confused with motivation and inspiration. Other people including our loved ones can be our greatest source of hope in times that are tough. But lets remember their role as cheerleaders and not our coaches. When it comes down to it ultimately we are the only ones who know what is best for us!

Has anybody else had a life changing experience where they decided to just follow their gut instead of what other people where telling them? Id love to hear! thanks so much for stopping by.