Who you follow, effects who you ARE


Humans are social creatures and when we don’t know what to do we look to others for guidance, usually without even know it. The path to self-development is filled with change and welcoming new ways of doing things, which involves the shedding away of old tendencies and behaviors. This includes day-to-day activities, social media exposure, and even your friendships have a major impact on our progress. So lets break each one of these down and examine the dangers and how to move beyond them.

Day-to-Day activities

Everyone has a herd, whether its your family, co-workers, or a group of close friends. We are all hardwired to want attention and acceptance from others. This can create tremendous problems for our spiritual path if the loved ones in our lives are not willing to accept our new habits and behaviors. The people in your social circle can sometimes give resistance to these knew behaviors, especially if those people have adopted a “comfortability mindset” instead of a “growth mindset.” Kerwin Rae has a WONDERFUL video examining the herd effect, and the powerful effects it has on us humans. I strongly recommend watching it if you feel drained around your friends or family.


How to change

Spend more time alone. Begin to harness your own energy so when you do return to the herd your less likely to fall victim to corrective behavior. Do activities that make you feel energized, and do them DAILY. I’ve found that in order to maintain my high energy levels, I have to meditate and do yoga every morning, no excuses. This allows me to stand my ground and choose the best option for my own development or opt out of a potentially damaging situation despite pressure from the herd.

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Social Media Exposure

Our social herds are not the only place we are exposed to pressure and influence. Social media is another huge area where we spend lots of time and what you see and read DOES impact you. It may not consciously stay with you but subconsciously you are taking everything down and readapting your ways of being accepted. Who do you follow on facebook? Instagram? Do you follow them simply because that person would be upset if you unfollowed them? Or is the content they share actually benefiting your life? Take some time today and ask yourself what you stand for and is my news feed aligned with this message?

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How to fix it?

Start filtering your social media posts. You are the one in control. Filter what you want to see. If you see something that makes you in a bad mood or maybe is in alignment with an older version of you, unfollow them.


The last and probably most important part of our exposure is our friendships.  Who we choose to spend our time with, plays a tremendous role in our future. Red flags for unhealthy friendships are feelings of not being able to fully express yourself, low energy levels, our guard is up, defensiveness, pressure to do things that don’t feel right, you get the idea. Start finding people that stand for what you do. Don’t just hang out with the people who accept you, choose to be with the ones that want to make you better!

Putting it all together

Your life is not sectioned off into parts or pieces. Everything is interconnected. Life is a flow and every person and circumstance should be there for a reason. If you want to manifest true change in your life, start making changes today!