Vegetarian diets. Are they best for everyone?

So I want to offer the question to everyone, is a vegetarian diet the  healthiest option for every individual? Until recently, I thought the answer to this question was “of course!”. I may have changed my mind.

To put my story in perspective I am an extremely high energy individual who is always active. I exercise daily, hike on the weekends, run, and do yoga. So three weeks ago I went vegetarian. It was going great. I felt light and fast especially throughout the mornings. I usually even skipped breakfast feeling like I had plenty of energy to wait until lunch.

So the past three weeks I have been getting up at 5:00 am to run and do yoga before work which I have at 6:30 am. After getting plenty of rest last night I struggled to get up. Even after waking and enjoying a smoothie around 10 am, I felt like something was a little off. This carried on during the day, coming and going. I’m not sure if it was my B-12 or iron or what. What I do know is this, being a vegan/ vegetarian requires attention to detail, bottom line. You cant cut out meat, replace it with processed foods and dairy and call it a day. It doesn’t work like that.

I also stumbled upon a woman named Kelly Brogan. She is an MD and psychiatrist working to treat radical forms of depression with alternative diets and detoxing. She believes some people’s bodies actually work optimally WITH red meat. Right? Shocking. She however is an extremely intelligent woman with some fascinating results to back up her program.

Kelly Brogan MD – Holistic Women’s Health Psychiatry

I do believe our bodies receive energy from different sources than just food. Prana, life force what ever you like to call it. However, the ability to tap into this sort of energy changes drastically from person to person. Due to the fact that i’m working 10 hour work days as a hardscaper, I found that I simply am not in the right place and time in my life to become a vegetarian and do it efficiently. During college I was able to stick to a vegetarian diet eating no meat at all and perform extremely well physically, mentally, and emotionally. What is your story on becoming a vegan or vegetarian?