Reflections on my first week of travel

Tomorrow marks one full week of life on the road. I’ve tried new foods, seen huge trees and made several new friends from all over the world. Here are a few of my tips and some things I have learned so far.

Isn’t it expensive?

Not really. Couchsurfing and Airbnb have been a huge help. I have saved hundreds on accommodation so far. Couchsurfing is a traveling community where you take turns hosting and surfing. Download it.


As for food and restaurants, ask the locals and avoid touristy places. There are always cheap options. I’ve been here a week and have spent less than 100 dollars on food.

What’s it like?

Travel is an interesting phenomena. It opens you up to experience new perspectives, new cultures, new people, and lifestyles. The crazy thing is I haven’t even left the country yet.

So far I have taught a German girl to chop wood, went hiking with two South American girls who taught me Spanish, explored redwood forests with a guy named Clinton from Australia, and toured San Fransisco with a fellow New Yorker.

However after a week I have picked up on various travel tips to use on my next journey

If you want to meet, new people stay at a hostel.

This is an interesting one. Airbnb’s might be cheaper and a hotel may be more luxurious but a hostel is the best of both worlds.

When I stayed at a hostel in San Fransisco, I met 3 new friends. We went out together that night and I went hiking with two of them the next day.

Even if your antisocial, living in a bunk room forces you to communicate. Don’t worry. Making friends is fun!

When I stayed at my Airbnb I had plenty of time to blog and make video edits but it was somewhat lonely.

Take these contrasts into account.

Travel is an art

Serene landscapes and vistas are awesome. In the end though, we are here to share. As humans we want to see and be seen by others. I’ve noticed that the most rewarding part of my travel is when I can share my wisdom and understanding with others and vice versa.

Use travel as an inspiration for you work. If you are a writer, engineer, librarian, doesn’t matter. Travel ignites our creative juices. The novelty of a new city demands us to readjust our worldview. It happens subconsciously. You return home with fresh eyes. A better understanding of how you want to live your life.

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  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful experience and Journey you have been waiting for. Enjoy the scenes and be Safe. Love You. Miss you. Dad

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