The hidden reasons WHY you keep making unhealthy choices

The human body is a remarkable phenomenon. People all over the world can and are doing incredible things to better themselves as well as the planet as a whole. However, in our fear driven societal structure consisting of the news, media, and political structures tend to focus on all of the things that could go wrong instead of everything that could go right. If you feel like you have fallen into this illusion, I urge you to check out the following video.

This video makes it clear just amazing we all are. Our bodies are temples to be cherished and celebrated. This leaves one question to be asked. Why do so many of us engage in unhealthy activities on a daily basis?

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Poorly selected motivation

So many people start a diet plan with hopes to get a six pack. People start working out to get a toned butt or bigger biceps. In doing this, they lose sight of the fact that a toned butt and abs are byproducts of a healthy lifestyle, not drivers of one. A driver of healthy lifestyle is the pursuit of energy and quality of life.

If you are chasing the pounds, you will stop running as soon as the scale heads in the other direction. If you are chasing a six pack you will give up as soon as you lose results. These motivations are limited and fleeting. What anchors you to strength is having an unfathomable amount of passion in creating a better life for yourself. In order to do this, begin to notice how you feel different when you skip the cheeseburger and have a smoothie instead.

The only thing keeping you from obtaining this passion for health is the EXCUSE you give yourself as to why you don’t deserve one. Respect yourself, respect your body, start loving it today.

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Accept where you are NOW

This might seem counter productive. How on earth is accepting where I am now going to help me move forward, yet acceptance is EVERYTHING. Love is acceptance. Progression towards a healthy lifestyle begins when you literally love yourself to a point that you want to nourish every aspect of your being.

When you lack self-love you begin to judge yourself instead. This judgment creates resistance to progress and you will be running in circles to get to where you want to be.

Stop exercising because you don’t want to be fat and start moving because you want to be healthy. Allow a passion for health and vitality to dictate all of your actions, not fear and discontent.

Final thoughts

Your body is the only home you have to live in. When your house is messy and unpleasant you do not even want to be home. You might not even want to invite other people over to spend time with you because of the mess is so embarrassing, and when you go to find something it takes forever because of all the clutter.

This is the same about our bodies. Our bodies lose efficiency when submitted to unhealthy foods just as our homes do when they are cluttered. When we are unhealthy we lose self confidence just as we would in our home when it is messy.

Think of your body as a temple where you pray and celebrate. Keep it clean and allow everything inside to have a purpose. Don’t fill it with garbage and expect it to be gold.

Finally, remember that self love and anchored drivers/motivators are the key to shifting into a healthy life. Ask yourself what motivates you to be healthy? Is it something you have chosen out of self love or fear of being judged?