How meditation works and why YOU should start TODAY

There really isn’t a single activity you can do today that even comes close to offering as many health benefits as meditation does.  The research is impressive; more than 3,000 studies have conducted showing the effects of meditation and its impact on the brain. But not all of us are experts in neuroscience , so how does it work form a practical standpoint?

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How does meditation work?

Our experience as humans is made up of several different parts such as our thoughts, emotions, and desires all jumbled together to give us meaning in this thing we call life. Your thoughts and desires have never been the problem, your identification with them is the problem. When you identify with your thoughts you give them power and energy.

The simplest way to dis-identify from your thoughts is to watch them, don’t categorize a good one from a bad one, a positive one from a negative one, just watch. When this is done you actually slowly reposition yourself into the seat of your soul, or a higher awareness.

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The Horse and Carriage

An analogy that has been used before is that of the horse and the carriage. The horse is attached by reins to a driver. The driver is your mind, or your free will you have been granted for this life time. The driver makes all the decisions and must have control over his horse, or your thoughts and emotions. The final component to this analogy is the passenger in the back. This is the seat of your soul. Their ride in the carriage or your physical body is temporary and the passenger knows exactly where they need to go. This is the purpose of meditation and all spiritual work. To transcend the mind and thought to find this awareness that sits in the back of the carriage.

Why YOU should start today!

I’m going to quickly take you through three reasons why you should start meditating today. Remember meditation is for everyone AND being an anxious person is simply one more reason to start!


First, you will be more relaxed. Your mind will be more at ease for well into the future and you will find yourself less anxious. The 3,000 studies I mentioned earlier found time and time again that meditation could actually be more effective that anti-anxiety medication.

The Devil Inside

The second is you will begin to be introduced into the devil on your shoulder or your ego. You will realize you have a little guy in your head constantly trying to protect any identity you may have attached to, on purpose or accidentally. Do not be scared! This little devil is an illusion, your humanity is more powerful than any job, title, or political party you may identify with. Dissolve it.

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Increased creativity

The third and most magical thing is you will become more creative. Once you step into the seat of your soul you will be operating on the same level of consciousness as all the greatest minds in history. You will begin to tap into the fluid like ether or energy that is emanating all around us, tuning into higher frequencies and rapidly changing your life in the process.

Where to start

When I meditate I simply sit in silence or with some relaxing music for about 15-20 minutes. I turn my attention inwards, spend about 25 percent of my concentration watching my breath and the other 75 percent observing my thoughts and internally scanning the sensations of my body. You can try transcendental meditation or sit in a comfy position and try your own methods! There are a bunch of guided meditations all over youtube to check out as well.

What do you do to meditate? To stay relaxed? Share with me in the comments below! Thanks for reading!