We are here for a reason, accept and embrace it

I just started David Wilcock's "The Synchronocity Key" and so far, I love it. I want to share a snippet of the beginning of his book with you. He tries to explain the higher consciousness of our universe and how it is not random but highly creative and responsive to YOU!

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"I do believe not only that the universe is alive but also that it is conscious and self aware. There is a plan and a purpose to our lives on earth that is far greater than most of us have ever realized- and we are definitely not alone. Nor do we only have one life to live. There is undeniable scientific proof that we reincarnate again and again. We also keep moving through the same lessons in our history as they repeat in incredibly precise patterns. These wars and atrocities need not continue, however they will persist only if we keep creating them in our ignorance of the greater reality that surrounds us. The truth does not require any religion to appreciate; however, we may discover that the ancient spiritual traditions hold far more wisdom than most modern scientists have ever believed. Synchronicity gives us an invitation to explore this greater reality. Synchronicity is the key that unlocks the doors to the mysteries of the universe. Synchronicity appears in an industrial scale, measurable form in the cycles of history-events that keep repeating, very precisely, in units of time that can be thousands of years in length. I became much more aware of this phenomenon once I began studying a unique body of data known as the Law of One in 1996."

This passage hit me hard! What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree?


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1 thought on “We are here for a reason, accept and embrace it

  1. Idk if I agree that the universe has a “plan” persay but I 100% agree that universe is highly responsive to you. Once you wake up to the reality that you are in control of your life you are free to do anything you put your mind to. Time and time again in my life I have found that if I truly want to change somthing or want somthing to work out I can make it happen. No one or no destiny is stoping me.

    Great blog Taylor keep it up
    – Eric

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