Each human a soul, each soul talents and passions

A Buddhist was once asked “If there is life after death, can you show it to me?” The Buddhist replied “If there is a tomorrow, can you show it to me?”

The most precious part of the divine or god is that when we are born into this world it is like we have awoken from a dream. As children we are light, carefree, and live purely from the heart following our every desire and calling. Our actions stem from love and playfulness.


Have you ever seen a child play in a sandbox? They do not give a rats ass about what the other kids think of their castle, THEY JUST BUILD IT. As the day goes on the details of our dreams become vaguer and more blurry. Just as the glimpses of heaven or the source or the divine can become more and more misunderstood as we get older and plunge deeper into this world that CAN be a dark and lonely experience.

But we must not be scared. We must instead have the courage to stop and ask the important questions? Who am I? What is the purpose of this life? What am I doing here? When we tune into our intuition and trust our instincts that we all have, we begin to realize that we have a keen sense of “knowing” that cannot be put into words. As we develop a respect for the truth we begin to uncover many parts of ourselves and the universe.

You are not just a body with a mind and organs. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you interact with others is deeply effected by the energetic imprint your body received as it incarnated into your flesh. Don’t take my word for it. Ask any parent who has noticed their child’s personality remain untouched regardless of how much molding and shaping they attempt. You can teach love and manners, but you can’t force an extroverted child to be shy.

Or more simply, just research the hundreds of cases of children specifically recalling details and events from their past lives from the other side of the globe. This is an extremely exciting body of scientific evidence to be explored.

This isn’t about me trying to convince you that what I believe is right. I am simply sharing my own truth and what I have uncovered. What I do know for fact is this, your beliefs and attitudes have a direct effect on how you view and behave in this world. The ┬ámission of uncovering truth is something that must be done on your own. Only you can move closer to your truth. If you allow family, an organization, a church, a friend, a father, a religion to tell you what to believe and a part of you feels something is off, SHED IT.

My sister loves going to church. She sits down for an hour and afterwards gets to talk to the old ladies about life and how she is doing. She literally feels rejuvenated afterwards. This isn’t the case for me. So i don’t go. I don’t claim to be a Christian but I spend time everyday doing activities that allow me to connect to the same thing she calls god.

The divine is not something external outside of you, IT IS YOU. Remember this and all will begin to make sense. So I encourage you, what is being withheld in your energetic imprint that you have been suppressing? Is there a passion you gave up because you dont have enough time. DO IT. Is there a place you wanted to visit but keep putting it off? MAKE A PLAN and FOLLOW THROUGH.

When you have words to say, feelings to be felt, or emotions to be understood, lean into them. Welcome them in and ask what are you trying to tell me? This is the source of higher consciousness coming through to guide you and help us shift collectively to a more harmonious world.

I hope that this post has only allowed you to open your mind a little bit more and maybe offered you a new way of thinking about life. Maybe your perspective is a little different and that’s fine. As long as we each find a way to meander through this life so that we can become the best versions of ourselves and in the process encourage others to do the same!