Creative blocks: What to do when you run out of ideas…

Blogging is beneficial to me because it gives me an outlet to speak my truth. I'll be honest with my whole 11 followers as of this morning I might not be the best at it, or the most persistent.

What I do know is this. When we try to plan and figure out a post from start to finish we leave no room for our creative side to shine through. Planning too much is writing from the left brain.

Writing from the right brain, the intuitive and creative side is where the best posts come from. This works the same way with anything in life.

If we go on a trip, or show up to a new job with a preconceived idea as to what it should be like, we instantly shut ourselves off to any possibility that is outside our expectation. This is an extremely limiting way to way to live.

After a long intro, my point is this…you have no bad thoughts. All of your thoughts and emotions are derived from YOU! To honor that authenticity, is to honor your deepest source for creativity.

Everyone has different methods of combatting a writers block. Some people meditate, others take a nap, even going for a walk in nature is a great way to get positive energy flowing and ultimately your thought-stream.

Good luck to everyone on their journey. What do you do to stimulate your creative side? Please share with me in the comments below!