Sunrise on mount Haystack

We woke up at 3am and hiked a mile in the dark to catch the sunrise. One of the most breathtaking moments of my life. 3 more peaks and 10 miles of hiking before wrapping up this weekend of hiking in the adirondacks.

Each human a soul, each soul talents and passions

A Buddhist was once asked “If there is life after death, can you show it to me?” The Buddhist replied “If there is a tomorrow, can you show it to me?” The most precious part of the divine or god is that when we are born into this world it is like we have awoken […]

Locus of control, who are you letting drive the ship?

Why are the people who make the most excuses often times the ones who have so many complaints? Why are the most successful individuals not focusing certain aspects of life that would drive other people crazy!? Locus of control is the term used to describe ones attitude towards their ability to change a situation or […]

Why you must live so that you need no one

Your first reaction to this title might be, what? How can this be healthy? Isn’t interdependence within a family healthy and normal?  Ofcourse it is, and I’m not telling you to become a hermit or you will be in despair the rest of your life.  What I am telling you, is that there may actually […]

Vegetarian diets. Are they best for everyone?

So I want to offer the question to everyone, is a vegetarian diet the  healthiest option for every individual? Until recently, I thought the answer to this question was “of course!”. I may have changed my mind. To put my story in perspective I am an extremely high energy individual who is always active. I […]