My name is Taylor Jones and I am a fearless 21 year old who loves to travel, hike, and cliff jump. Three years ago, I set out on a journey. My mission is to discover where happiness comes from and how to harness it. I want to understand why some people are so joyful and others struggle to keep it together. This journey led me instead to the truth of nature and reality itself.

As a kid I LOVED to climb and still do. I wrestled all through high school and was the class clown my senior year. It wasn’t until I went to college where I was shaken up. I was thrown into a series of unpleasant experiences. I found myself surrounded with people who did not stand for what I stood for. It was not until I suffered a series of injuries and disappointments when I knew I had to reevaluate things.

I took up mediation and began doing yoga. I started to become aware of hidden energies we hold within ourselves and share with other humans. My relationships with family and friends began to shift as I dropped my need to “be right” and started to ask instead “what is best for everyone.” It was this shift as some people call a spiritual awakening where my life started to change drastically.